Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Milo!

Milo turned one today. Poor kid got no presents (He didn't really even get a proper birthday cake). My theory here, I guess, is - small person, small cake(s). We have another year or so before we have to make a REAL birthday cake for him, I think. At least I baked something! The highlight of the day for him was probably playing around on the floor with his big brother (except for the mysterious part that resulted in him getting a bit of a bump on his forehead).

Alden and Samantha chose two star candles for the baby cupcakes I had made, and we lit them, sat Milo at the head of the table, and sang happy birthday. He didn’t seem all that impressed. Oh well.

Maybe it was because his two cupcakes were not covered in chocolate, like the ones that the grown-ups got to eat later, after he had gone to bed. (Sorry Samantha – my sister Samantha, that is, I guess I am just a really mean mom.)


Jill Arnold said...


It sounds like it was a very yummy birthday! Mmmm... just looking at all your pictures is making me hungry. Good luck with making more cakes.

Jill Arnold

Spgonahan said...

He is only one - the inevitable corruption by rampant materialism can wait.

Clarissa said...

well, in the end, (this comment refers to spgonahan - er, Ray's - comment about Milo and presents...) he DID get a few presents - a Curious George book and a "stuffie" from Samantha (Kalis), and a bath tub paddle boat from Sadie and Amber...