Friday, February 23, 2007

The problem with prunes…

…is that I think maybe I don’t actually like them so much, and this cake, it had a strong prune flavor. I still think I am going to need to do some more experimenting – especially since Dorie Greenspan, author of that new favorite baking cookbook of mine, really seems to love them, and uses them in quite a lot of baked goods. I know, some people just swear by them. And, I’ve been feeding them to Milo like crazy. Poor kid. (I’m sure that when he’s a teenager he’ll be so happy to discover that I’ve been sharing this kind of info.)

Anyway, I loved the sound of this cake, Brown Sugar Bundt Cake; goes well with tea, she says (Dorie, not me). And I was really good, meaning I followed the directions exactly (using pears and prunes, instead of substituting apples for the pears and raisins for the prunes – substitutions that would have been much easier (and maybe tastier). And, remember me and the difficulties of buying good fresh fruit and getting it to the appropriate stages of ripeness. Sticking with the pears piece was hard.). Also, Dorie suggests making the cake a day before you want to eat it. It’s one of those “gets better the second day” cakes. So, I did all that, carefully wrapping the cake in plastic to make sure it didn’t get dried out. Still, I was just not that thrilled by the outcome. It was pretty though, as bundt cakes usually are.

For a moment there, I even thought this cake might be the first that ended up with some going in the garbage can. But, in fact, that did not happen. I think slightly less than half got consumed the first night, when Ben and Buzzy and Susan and Jordan came for supper (okay, well, we ordered pizza… hey, I had made a cake, so, my culinary duties were done). The next day, though, it was nice weather, and people were hanging out in the cul-de-sac, so I brought the cake out. Lo and behold, it got eaten. Much of that eating was done by two of my most loyal fans: Alden and Samantha. But Karen also managed to choke down three pieces, all the while saying that it was not her favorite cake. She’s a good friend!


Magpie Ima said...
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Magpie Ima said...

Hi--Melisa here in Portland. Thanks so much for sending the link to your blog. I'm a fan of Nigella as well. I am truly enjoying reading up on your cake adventures. Do come visit here sometime:

Melissa said...

Hi Clarissa!

I just made an apple raisin cake from the Gourmet cookbook (my new cooking bible) and thought of you. I have some thoughts on prunes and chocolate that might change your mind about prunes.

your friend Melissa (in Rockport)

Clarissa said...

Hi Melisa and Melissa.

How fun to find comments from both of you here.

I'm looking forward to checking out your blog, Melisa.

Melissa - I don't think I'm DONE with experimenting with prunes in cakes. I'm just a little anxious... but, you know, pretty much anything with chocolate is a good thing, so, feel free to say more..